Why We Do It

Opportunities & Advantages

Recognizing the natural interest that children and youth have in animals, this program capitalizes on this interest by teaching them many of life’s lessons. They benefit by learning the practical;

  • Food and the proper way to feed their individual animal
  • Meal scheduling and the reason for good nutrition
  • Grooming, including hair, eyes, teeth, nails, etc.
  • Responsibility (how their contribution is necessary)

Social Interactions

  • Dealing with different temperaments (both the animals and the other participants)
  • Appropriate discipline
  • Interaction between the animals themselves

Emotional Connections

  • Understanding of interpersonal relationships
  • First-hand knowledge of behavior development and the principles of rewards, mixed messages and punishment and natural consequences
  • Developing the ability to express appropriate emotions through the non-threatening relationship that they have with the animals
  • Children & adults develop a new appreciation for themselves and their accomplishments in taking care of their animal and the love that they develop through the care that they give


Children, youth & adults will benefit by learning the practical:

  • Respect for other life and how to care for another being
  • Responsibility
  • Social interaction and positive relationships
  • Ability to express appropriate emotions
  • Awareness and appreciation for themselves and their accomplishments increasing their self esteem.
  • Appropriate behavior and understanding of interpersonal relationships