Helping Young People Learn Empathy, Compassion & Responsibility.

Animal Therapy

Diversionary Programs

Intergenerational Programs

Providing quality education and recreation programs serving diverse groups to improve our client’s social and emotional well being.

KELLYS KIDS, INC. Pets after School Program provides a quality curriculum of continuity in education through an expanded learning environment outside the traditional school day. We expose youth to new experiences that compliment and amplify their education, including school programs, therapeutic programs, summer camps and nursing homes.

The program uses farm animals as the tool to teach socialization, respect, responsibility, safety and achievement skills; utilizing the 40 Developmental Assets® identified by Search Institute. Skills, experiences,relationships, and behaviors will develop that enable young people to grow into happy, healthy, successful and contributing adults of their communities and society.

Lessons for Life…

  • Social interaction
  • Self esteem
  • Relationships
  • Discipline
  • Nutrition
  • Grooming
  • Responsibility
  • Appropriate Behavior
  • Accomplishment